The God of Abraham

Abraham Image1

An 8 session in-depth study on Genesis chapters 12-25

Chances are you have heard of Abraham.  You may have even studied him before.  After all, as far as biblical characters go, it doesn’t get much bigger than Abraham.  Whereas the first 11 chapters of the Bible are devoted to the history of the entire world, the next 14 chapters of the Bible are devoted to the story this one man’s journey with God. Outside of those 14 chapters in the Old Testament book of Genesis, Abraham is discussed at length in the New Testament books of Galatians, Hebrews, Romans and James, as well as mentioned many other times throughout Scripture.  Certain scholars have even gone so far as to argue that outside of Jesus Christ, Abraham is the most important character in the Bible.  Some might not go that far, but all would undoubtedly agree that he occupies an exceedingly important role in the biblical narrative.  Yet, Abraham is much more than a major character in an important biblical story.  Through Abraham,  God used a seemingly ordinary man to point us to a much Greater Man.  In doing so, God indelibly carved the gospel into the hearts of His people thousands of years before Christ was even born.  Indeed, the extent to which Christ Himself is etched into the fabric of Abraham’s life is a stunning reminder of how the Bible is not merely a collection of many stories; it is one big story – God’s story.  No less important to that story are the lives of some of the most fascinating women in the Bible.  From Sarah, to Hagar, to Lot’s wife, these women add depth and understanding to Abraham’s gospel narrative as they offer us encouragement, inspiration, warning and rebuke.  Once we understand this story as part of the greater gospel narrative that it’s biblical backdrop demands, it will cease to be a two-dimensional, ancient tale that may seem irrelevant to a generation of Starbucks sipping, iPhone wielding women and will captivate our hearts across all time as God intended.


Study Breakdown

This study can be done as lecture only (lectures run approximately 45 minutes each), or as lecture followed by small group discussion (which should run an additional 45 minutes).  Fill in the blank lecture notes are provided to guide students through lecture, as well as small group discussion questions and homework for each week. If at all possible for your group of women, I recommend including the small group aspect as the discussions I have taken part of have been incredibly beneficial in furthering the understanding of the material.  Small groups will ideally consist of between 6-8 people each, including one person who leads/facilitates the group’s discussion.

Study Schedule

Week One:  The Beginning of Something Big         Text:  Genesis 11:27 – 12:9

Week Two:  Going Down to Egypt                             Text:  Genesis 12:10 – 13:18

Week Three:  Our Exceedingly Great Reward         Text: Genesis Ch 15

Week Four:  By Faith Not By Sight                            Text: Genesis Ch 16

Week Five: Glimpses Into Their Hearts                   Text: Genesis 17 – 18:15

Week Six: The Righteousness of Lot                         Text: Genesis 18:16 – 19:38

Week Seven:  Matters of Life and Death                  Text: Genesis 21

Week Eight:  The Boy Who Lived                              Text: Genesis 22 – 25

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