God Speaks


A 2-part retreat or conference series on the ability of God’s Word to speak.

The Bible is very clear in it’s teaching that ours is a God who speaks.  He brought the very world we live in into existence through he power of His spoken Word.  And we can even read of the men and women who clearly heard His voice during Biblical times.  But does God still continue to speak to you and I personally, right where we are?  Today?  This 2-part series is aimed at answering that very question, and at equipping us to clearly recognize His voice for what it is.

Study Breakdown

This study is composed of 2 lectures, with each lecture lasting approximately 45 minutes.  Either lecture can be used effectively as a stand-alone if needed,  although they compliment each other well.  Fill in the blank lecture guides are included to help students navigate and take notes through the lectures.

Study Schedule 

Session One:  A God Who Speaks

Session Two:  A Right Response