Learning to Pray the Jesus Way (A blog series on The Lord’s Prayer) Part 1: A Disciple’s Request

Several years ago I wrote a 6 week study on The Lord’s Prayer.

I wish I could say that it was divinely inspired.  That I felt a particular calling to write this particular study at that particular time to the specific group of women I taught that spring.  The truth however, is that I was more inspired by the practical demands of the situation than the Holy Spirit of the Lord who ordained the whole thing anyway (unhindered as He was by the last minute coming together of details that had me on the edge of my seat.)

There are times when the Lord works in the least convenient way possible, demanding that we drop everything and make a complete about-face to follow Him in a particular situation.  Fortunately for me,  He can also be quite sympathetic to the many practicalities of our everyday lives and graciously meet us even when we’re flying by the seat of our pants.

I’m grateful for His ability to weasel His way into even our least inspired choices, because the truth is I chose to write the study on The Lord’s Prayer not because I was particularly interested in it, (sounds horrible, I know) but because it was…short.

And I was in a time crunch…


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