How to Start Reading and Understanding the Bible {with 5 questions to help get you going}

For many years after becoming a Christian the greatest struggle I faced in my Christian walk was reading the Bible consistently. I knew I needed to read the Bible on my own. After all, the Bible served as the foundation for the very faith I now confessed. It made sense that I should acquaint myself with what it said.

And believe me, I tried to read it.  (And failed.)

And I tried some more.  (And failed again.)

It seemed to me that no matter how much I read the Bible, I simply couldn’t understand it. Now I’m a tried-and-true, bonafide, genuine, real-deal, type-A perfectionist.  There’s nothing I hate more than failing. So after several go-rounds of this trying and failing, of all this reading yet not understanding, I simply became disheartened. I threw up my hands and threw in the Bible-reading towel.

So there I was: a Christian who didn’t (couldn’t? wouldn’t?) read the Bible.

While I had no clue how I was supposed to read, study, and understand the Bible, at the same time, I was becoming increasingly aware of just how necessary Bible literacy was for a Christ-following Christian. This discrepancy sparked within me a crisis of conscious.  It caused me to seriously consider the authenticity of my beliefs.  Could I still confess to being a Christian while shirking my responsibility to dig into the Bible and read?  Click HERE to continue reading…




In other news, a few weeks ago we created a Facebook page for!  The Rock This Revival Facebook page exists to provide a source of community as you begin thriving in the mundane of life. If you’re excited about growing in your faith, improving your health, are craving a place of support to share your triumphs and sorrows, get more organized, follow God-sized dreams, and make authentic friendships then you will love the group! We’d LOVE for you to join us! Click here and you’ll find a box at the bottom of the page that says “Join the Facebook page”. Enter your email and a link for the page will be sent for you to join. Once you’re in, let us know you’re there so we can give you a big welcome!

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