February’s Four-Letter Word

I wrote “February’s Four-Letter Word” last year as a guest-post for Houston Moms Blog, which is a city-wide mama resource that connects moms in the Houston area.  Click HERE to get to the article on HMB and read my thoughts on February’s most controversial four-letter word. Don’t forget to share your own thoughts on all the Valentine’s Day hype in the comments section below the post on HMB.  I’d love you to hear your thoughts on this topic.  See you back here real soon!

February's Four letter word image4

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6 thoughts on “February’s Four-Letter Word

  1. Good words friend! I’ve missed seeing you at the Y. Abiding and remaining in God’s steadfast love is a challenge and freeing at the same time. I love (there it is) how you really make the point that we only have such a short time in modeling this love for our kids while they are under our roof. We are really dealing with the kids not trusting your emotions but fighting for the truth! Thanks again for these thoughts! Leah

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  2. I so appreciate the point you make of our children seeing the way we love their fathers. Long ago I noticed that the role of fathers has been cheapened and minimalized so, thus losing the deep respect that should be given and seen first at home and then so that it follows them into respecting authority as they grow older. Thanks for sharing your heart and the wonderful God-given gifts you have.

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    • Sheila, I have noticed the role of fathers being cheapened as well. And what a shame that is, as the Lord has ordained that they would head our families. And yes, some fall short of this, but oh my, how some do it so beautifully to the glory of God. I always appreciate your insight and wisdom, dear Sheila!


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