Inhibited Love

Time and again, I have faced my own inability to obey the first and greatest commandment: to love God with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my might. Not because I don’t want to love God in this way, but because the human heart can get pretty beat down in the process of living life. Can you relate? This morning, read the good news in God’s word written specifically for the weary-hearted like you and me…

early morning mama

My six year old son jumped out of our car and ran alongside a stream of children rushing into school.  I paused for a moment as I watched him go, making sure he got safely inside.  At the door of the cafeteria he turned around, obstructing the flow of students, waved his arm high up into the air and hollered at the top of his little lungs, “Bye, mom!  I love you!  You’re the best!” He turned and walked away. The other children look my way briefly, curious to see this creature so worthy of a kindergartner’s adoration.  For a second, things stand still.  I ponder that moment in my heart.  Then time unfreezes, and everyone continues along their way.

With three young children in the house, such shows of affection are still common in our home.  We hug a lot.  Give tons of kisses.  Hold tiny hands.  Tickle.  Laugh…

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