Today is not about you, Mom.

I wrote this post last Mother’s Day. A whole year later and I’m still reminding myself that it’s not about me (no, not ever) – not even on Mother’s Day.

early morning mama

One year ago today my husband and I got into one of the biggest fights of our marriage (top 10, at least).  The fact that it just so happened to be Mother’s Day only added insult to injury.  Although the fight had nothing at all to do with Mother’s Day, it being Mother’s Day didn’t help his case any, in my opinion at least.  After all, it was mother’s day.  I, his wife, was also the mother to his three small children.  What possible beef could he have with me on the day designed specifically to celebrate me, a mother?!

A full 365 days later, we can laugh about that day, but at the time, I assure you I was not laughing.  It was a lousy day.  We couldn’t even pull it together enough to get to church, where I most likely would have been publicly applauded for my…

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