The Gospel-Centered Mom: Book Review

Let’s get the first and most obvious reason I adore this book out of the way right now: It comes with it’s own pen.


I repeat…This book comes with it’s very own pen.  Come on, people!  Those who know me well know that I am a sucker for well placed organizational tools.  When I first laid eyes on this pen, I may have squealed with excitement.  Obviously, this Gospel-Centered Mom lady knows her audience well enough to understand that finding a pen at the exact moment we need it is one of the constant struggles of our lives.  I was only a few pages into the book when I read something I wanted to underline – “There is only one response to the gospel: gratitude…Obedience is an act of thankfulness, not a payment on a debt.”(p.13) Yes!  Certainly a sentence worthy of underlining, but practically speaking, I needed a pen first.  I felt a familiar panic rising within me as my eyes darted around our office, where pens should live in abundance, but come to disappear instead.  Seeing as I read in two-minute increments in between trouble-shooting my children’s problems, I did not presently have time to spare for a pen-hunt. But wait. What’s this?! Lo and behold, I had a pen right there!  Attached to the very book I was reading – just waiting to be of service.  I may have squealed again.  I mean, a book that comes with it’s very own office supplies?  Perfection.

Now that the ingenious idea of the attached pen has been sufficiently applauded, let’s dive into some of the more substantive areas of the book.

The first thing I appreciate about Sara Wallace is quite simply this; she gets it. (As evidence by the inclusion of the pen, which I have already discussed ad nauseam.) This is a women who had four babies in four years.  All boys.  Hats off to you, Mrs. Wallace. I had three boys in four years and there were days when I was sure I was going to die.  I assure you, this is not an exaggeration.  Had a brand new baby infant been thrown into that crazy mix at any point along the way, I’m fairly certain the children would have overtaken me.  As far as credibility goes, our girl Sara’s got it.  This is a lady who understands what it is to live in the trenches of motherhood.

When you add Sara’s experiential credibility to her adept understanding of the simplicity and intricacy of the gospel message, you get a book that meets Christ-following mamas right where they are and gently points them to the sufficiency of a Savior who is right there, too. In The Gospel-Centered Mom, Sara Wallace explores motherhood with heartfelt realism – not from a place of Pinterest perfection, but from a place of gospel accessibility. She explains the simple beauty of the gospel and seamlessly applies the truths of that message to motherhood and parenting in a way that will change the way you think about and do motherhood on a daily basis. There was not a sentence in this book that I did not need to hear, or a long-known truth that I did not need reiterated.

One of the things that struck me most deeply about this book was that Sara’s concern seems not only to be for the hearts of our children (although that is such a worthy cause in and of itself), but for the hearts of their mamas as well. As Sara says, “When the grace of the gospel is at the forefront of our minds it will be at the forefront of our parenting.” (p. 49)

Mamas of littles, this book definitely deserves a place on your bedside table. My suggestion? Grab a gaggle of mommy-friends and pick one day a week to meet in someone’s living room for a Gospel-Centered Mom bible-study play-date. That’s right, don’t even worry with childcare.  Bring your little mess-makers along and you mamas dive into this book over the noise. As Sara so beautifully points out, “The Bible isn’t just for times of stillness. It’s for real life.” (p. 50) And who knows? Perhaps the chaos of life with young children will put you in the perfect position to understand the beauty of the gospel even better.

So what are you waiting for?! Buy Sara’s book here.  This would be such a sweet gift for mother’s day or a baby shower.  But before you do, I have a copy she sent me to give away to one of you! (Another squeal!)  Comment below for a chance to win.


14 thoughts on “The Gospel-Centered Mom: Book Review

  1. You are right, anything in journal form or especially with its own pen is worth a squeal. This part also strikes me: “When the grace of the gospel is at the forefront of our minds it will be at the forefront of our parenting.” Thanks for reviewing!

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  2. I literally love the “look” of the book. With a background in marketing, I know how important packaging can be – so pen and a beautiful book – what a great draw to point us and our roles as mothers to the gospel! The gospel is such good news about a good God, that I can’t hear/read/talk enough about them.

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    • Liz, yes, I think we have all been there before. In fact, 7 years and 28 days into my time as a mother I still know that feeling very well 😉 Those early days of motherhood were some of the hardest, but looking back some of the most precious. I love how God so often mixes the difficult with the beautiful. I wish I could hand you a cup of starbucks and give you a big hug! Take care, my dear. Thanks for stopping by.


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